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31 May 2024

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Zero Waste Week Liveblog

During Zero Waste Week from May 27 to May 31, we will keep a live blog with all our learnings and solutions to fulfill a zero waste ambition as a company. How do you get started, but also sustainable alternatives for flows that are difficult to avoid. Be inspired to take the step and get involved! 

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2024-05-31 16:00:00 Wrapping up the Zero Waste Week

The official Zero Waste Week ends here. We started the week with the themes behavior and procurement and concluded today with the theme of profitable sustainability. 

A brief recap: 
➡️ Farewell to the residual waste bin. Waste that would normally end up in residual waste is now clearly visible in a display case—more on this next week! 
➡️ Practical tips and solutions were shared for common (business) waste streams, from HDPE/PP buckets to label sticker carriers. 
➡️ Residual waste remains a focus point, as not all waste streams have a place yet. This is where the waste500 comes in, a list of products/streams for which there is no sustainable solution and thus require attention for redesign or innovative processing. 

It was a successful week with many insights and solutions, but also: this is actually where it starts. We are eager to work with thinkers and doers who have solutions or are developing innovations to take steps towards zero waste. So: stay in touch! 


Besides focusing this Zero Waste Week on how organizations can move towards zero waste, we also learned specific lessons for our own office. 

Here’s what we’re taking from the Zero Waste Week for our own office: 
➡️ Procurement can make a difference. We are adjusting our procurement policy and stopping the use of sugar and creamer packets, going back to a traditional sugar cup. 
➡️ Steps can be taken in the area of food waste. We are implementing a strategy around the office refrigerator to prevent products from expiring. 
➡️ The items in the display case continue to inspire us to make different choices and to engage in conversations with colleagues about waste. 
➡️ Expanding the Waste500, based on our own display case, but also by actively gathering your experiences. Do you have a product or stream for the Waste500? Let us know! 

Wrapping up the Zero Waste Week  | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

2024-05-31 12:00:00 In conversation with a colleague: The Waste Bin Talk

There is hardly any company or organization where paper is not used. The collection of waste paper dates back to 1870, although it only became a large-scale success from the 1950s. And rightly so, as 84% of our waste paper is recycled. A great topic for a chat by the trash can. Take a look... 


2024-05-31 08:00:00 Day 5 of Zero Waste Week with the theme Profitable Sustainability

Profitable Sustainability, it sounds like a paradox, but today we show with our blogs and posts that this is not the case. Profitable sustainability goes hand in hand. In fact, when you use Milgro for your waste management, costs, ecological impact and service are the elements we focus on when directing your waste flows. Follow our informative blogs and practical tips via the live blog.

Day 5 of Zero Waste Week with the theme Profitable Sustainability | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

2024-05-30 14:00:00 In conversation with a colleague: The Waste Bin Talk

Do you know those neat ones that sit around some fruit and vegetables? You often find them mainly around onions, tangerines and oranges. Which bin do these actually belong in? We figured it out in our waste bin talk today.


2024-05-30 08:00:00 Day 4 of Zero Waste Week focuses on organic waste flows

The organic waste stream is a versatile stream with several sustainable options. In today's live blog we share valuable insights and learnings from our previous Zero Waste Week, as well as various options to process your organic waste flows in a sustainable way. Whether your company produces large or small volumes of organic waste, discover how you can take sustainable steps and read more about our practical tips and experiences.

Day 4 of Zero Waste Week focuses on organic waste flows | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

2024-05-29 12:00:00 In conversation with a colleague: The Waste Bin talk

Today in the waste bin talk: Plastic and Drink Packaging...a difficult waste stream. Because what is allowed in this stream and what do you do with food scraps? We explain it in just 1 minute.


2024-05-29 10:00:00

It has been stated many times before that separating waste is a first step towards Zero Waste. But why is it that the average separation rate among companies in the Netherlands is still only 64%? That's 36% unseparated! 

With this extensive manual we help those organizations that want to take a step towards that 100%. The guide sets out the basic principles, describes legislation and the challenges that companies face. You download it (in Dutch) here

 | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

2024-05-29 08:00:00 Unavoidable flows that always have to be disposed of as residual waste are a permanent problem, or not?

Today we will work on the theme of unavoidable flows. Yesterday afternoon we shared a nice case of one of our relations about this. Today we will share another case and provide other solutions to eliminate, redirect or recycle these types of flows. Do you have such a flow from your production process or at the office? Then chat with our employees. They may be able to help you with an alternative or a good solution for processing.

Unavoidable flows that always have to be disposed of as residual waste are a permanent problem, or not? | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

2024-05-28 16:00:00 Solution for residual waste product HDPE buckets

Food producer Henri reduces its residual waste by offering HDPE buckets as recycled raw material for new buckets in the non-food market. Read in our case what makes this flow so challenging and why it often ends up in residual waste. A perfect example of a seemingly unavoidable flow that can nevertheless be avoided. This is tomorrow's theme. Follow the live blog or Milgro on LinkedIn.

Solution for residual waste product HDPE buckets | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

2024-05-28 15:15:00 Waste 500, an initiative to map the 500 least circular waste flows

By 2050, Europe must be organized completely circular. However, in the current linear economy we are dealing with products that (yet) have no other destination than residual waste. These products deserve a place on the Waste500. Why? Because by paying attention to these products, we can call for the products to be redesigned, or to stimulate new innovative processing. Will you help fill the list?

Waste 500, an initiative to map the 500 least circular waste flows | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

2024-05-28 13:00:00 Residual waste in the picture

With the departure of the residual waste bin, we place non-separable residual waste products in the display case.

We have a display case for those products and packaging for which colleagues cannot think of separate collection. That display serves two purposes. It opens the conversation: Could the waste stream have been collected separately? How could we have avoided the flow? How could we have made a different choice and is there a zero waste alternative? If the product or raw material could not have been collected other than residual waste, the display case serves the second purpose. We add the product to the Waste500.

Residual waste in the picture | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

2024-05-28 12:15:00

Just like at the coffee machine, the waste bin is also a nice opportunity for a chat. Today, in the second episode of the waste bin talk series, we discuss the tea bag. Do they go with organic waste, residual waste or waste paper? watch the video


2024-05-28 10:00:00 Farewell to the residual waste bin

Today we say goodbye... 
And that is not a sad moment, but an important step towards getting our office Zero Waste. The residual waste bin is going out! We noticed that increasingly separated flows end up unseparated in the residual waste bin. The convenience that that container offers does not stimulate the desired goal of going zero waste. We are convinced that we no longer need this convenience container.


2024-05-28 08:00:00 Learning from Zero Waste Week 2023: Consistent collection structure improves waste separation

During last year's Zero Waste Week, adjustments were made to the collection structure to achieve better separation. However, this has changed again during the year, as a result of which we have seen an increase in residual waste. That is why we are introducing a new consistent and fixed collection structure throughout the office during this week.  

Later today we will go live with a blog: 7 tips for an effective waste collection structure.

Learning from Zero Waste Week 2023: Consistent collection structure improves waste separation | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

2024-05-27 17:00:00 Get started with a positive behavioral change towards Zero Waste

As an organization, you can also work on behavior to involve your employees in the zero waste ambition. Milgro offers support for this. With a waste lab or a zero waste workshop, we take you and your colleagues through the sustainable steps that lead to zero waste. Request a workshop.

2024-05-27 16:00:00 Learnings 2023 Zero Waste Week - Coffee cup

Earlier today we discussed the results of the previous Zero Waste Week and we concluded that stimulating behavior is an important and challenging topic for the zero waste ambition to succeed. This was a learning that we are going to work on. 

A positive observation of the prevention of a waste stream is our paper coffee cup stream. This has almost completely disappeared as a waste stream. You can read how we did this and how you can also tackle coffee cup flow in a production environment in this blog.

2024-05-27 14:45:00 In conversation with a colleague: The waste bin talk

This is probably very recognizable, that stream where few know in which waste bin it should be thrown away. We discuss these flows during the waste bin talk. Today, the eggshells


2024-05-27 13:00:00 Managing behavior is the key to success

Today our Zero Waste Week program focuses on Behavior. One of our learnings from the last challenge was that discussing behavior surrounding correct separation, how to prevent waste and what alternatives are available ensures that we actually take the step towards Zero Waste. That is why we start the week with an informative lunch session, in which we introduce all employees to the correct separation of flows. Preventing flows and behavior regarding waste reduction are also important dialogues that took place. Our Waste Engineer Milan took us through an interactive presentation. Read more in our blog encourage Zero Waste Behavior within your organization.

Managing behavior is the key to success | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

2024-05-27 11:15:00 Definition of Zero Waste

In our blog, the definition of Zero Waste, we describe the different interpretations of zero waste and we also give our view on the definition. Milgro defines waste as a raw material that has lost its way and we therefore focus on reducing waste of raw materials and extending the lifespan of raw materials.

Definition of Zero Waste | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

2024-05-27 09:55:00 Insight as a starting point for improvement

Last Zero Waste Week we did a challenge and weighed all waste flows in the office every day and tried to reduce their volume to a minimum. By discussing options for prevention and discussing alternatives, we came to sustainable innovations in the office. But where do we stand at the start of Zero Waste Week this year? Have we maintained or even continued this reduction?


Insight as a starting point for improvement | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

2024-05-27 00:00:00 We have started the Zero Waste Week

Today, Monday May 27, we start the zero waste week. During this week we share as many solutions as possible for waste flows to process them better, avoid them or drastically reduce them. We'll start by sharing learnings from zero-waste solutions implemented during last year's Zero Waste Week. Are you reading along?

We have started the Zero Waste Week | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro