SDGs as a compass towards waste-free economy

The Sustainable Development Goals are our compass toward a clean, fair and sustainable world by 2030. These 17 United Nations goals provide a handle for companies and organizations to make a positive impact. Milgro uses the SDGs as inspiration to achieve a waste-free world.

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The SDGs aligned with our strategy


SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production


SDG 14: Life in water


SDG 15: Life on land


SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals

The importance of the SDGs for Milgro

Milgro feels connected to some of the seventeen SDGs. For example, we support responsible consumption and production and support reducing waste through our services. Of course, we want our oceans to remain clean, ecosystems to recover and biodiversity to be protected. We do this by working towards a truly circular economy and a world without waste. Connecting is the key word here: together with others, we want to achieve our goals. 

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More about the SDG’s

SDG 12 interfaces with the circular process, which is our core business. 
A different view of waste is needed to achieve goals. We must work together to ensure that our precious raw materials no longer become waste. Extending the life of waste does not offer a future-proof perspective; managing natural capital does. 

SDG 14 and 15 embrace the protection of nature and oceans. And the preservation of biodiversity. We are happy to work on that: reconnecting nature! 

Nature in its purest form is eminently circular. For Milgro, that is a shining example. That is why managing natural capital is central to us. If Natural Capital Management becomes part of the daily operations of companies and organizations, we accelerate the circular economy.  


SDG 17 fits right in with our business practices. To achieve our goal, we MUST collaborate with others. 
Connecting is the essence of our business. Sharing knowledge and technology worldwide is part of this. Milgro is the connector between disposers and receivers. We cooperate with more than 500 recipients of used raw materials. In our collaborations we strive for profitable sustainability. Earth & earn together. 

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Milgro finds it very important to set measurable goals. For example, how do we get more value out of natural capital? The SDGs are an inspiration here. Do you want to know how we can support your organization? Download our free SDG roadmap now and discover how you yourself can deploy the SDGs in your company.

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Milgro finds it very important to set measurable goals. For example, getting more value out of natural capital. And that is where the SDGs help us enormously. They are not only a source of inspiration; they also guide our circular ambitions and those of our clients. Want to know how we can support your organization? And how you can deploy SDGs yourself with our roadmap?

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