Life cycle analysis (LCA): understanding the environmental impact of your products and services

What you make or supply has an impact on the environment. If you want to work more sustainably, it is good to understand exactly what the environmental impacts are throughout the life cycle of your products, processes and services.

Together, we create a comprehensive inventory of the materials and energy used to make, say, a product: from raw material extraction to waste disposal. This service also includes a 'hot spot analysis' to determine in which part of the life cycle causes the most ecological damage. With this LCA, you get an objective and complete picture of your impact and we see what improvements can be made to work more sustainably.

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LCA results

Comparison of products/services | LCA results | Milgro

Comparison of products/services

Understanding environmental impact  | LCA results | Milgro

Understanding environmental impact

Hot spot analysis | LCA results | Milgro

Hot spot analysis

Information for sustainability strategies | LCA results | Milgro

Information for sustainability strategies

Improving corporate image | LCA results | Milgro

Improving corporate image

LCA services for sustainable operations

LCA assesses the cumulative environmental impact, with the aim of documenting and improving the product's overall environmental profile. Whether for consumer goods, industrial products, buildings or infrastructure, at Milgro we understand the importance of LCA for companies and governments looking to reduce their environmental footprint and achieve sustainability goals. Gain insight into your impact and improve the overall environmental profile of your product or service.

Our team of experienced professionals offers comprehensive LCA services to help our clients optimise their environmental performance. Find out how we can help your company meet sustainability goals and reduce environmental impact.

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