Effective waste collection as part of smart waste management 

Milgro manages your waste streams. For example, with our innovative software and hardware, we know in no time whether your containers are conveniently positioned or efficiently filled. With data and trackers, we can make a huge difference for more efficient waste management and sustainable operations.
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Incidental situations such as renovation, clearance or product destruction

We organize your daily waste process for more than 500 different waste flows. Our extensive partner network ensures that we can facilitate so many flows. We are also available for flows that are not released from the regular process, but from incidental situations, such as renovations, clearances or product destruction. We look for the best partner in terms of service, costs and/or sustainability to dispose of these flows. 

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A solution for every waste stream Waste flows from non-regular situations

We offer support for your entire waste process. Even if waste flows are released from unusual situations, we will find the solution that best suits your needs. We not only assess the speed at which the power must be discharged. Costs and sustainability also factor into the solution.   

We support our customers with incidental orders arising from:

Archive cleanup or destruction +-


In office environments, we provide you with the right collection resources to safely deposit your confidential documents. When the collection material is ready for disposal, simply register it via the portal

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Leftovers, surplus or unnecessary stock +-


In production and office environments, residual batches regularly arise, which take up valuable space. Consider surpluses, but also supplies that have become redundant, such as face masks, hand cleaners from the corona period or coffee cups that are no longer allowed under the new legislation.

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Product destructions +-


Products that have passed their expiration date, have not passed inspection or have a production error. You would prefer to have these flows removed from your organization as quickly, safely and carefully as possible. At Milgro we offer a suitable solution in terms of costs, sustainability and service and we also provide a declaration of destruction where necessary.  

Renovations +-


For renovations and periodic maintenance, it is important that you engage Milgro before you start the project to support your organization with the best collection resources. Furthermore, renovations provide an excellent opportunity to thoroughly evaluate internal waste logistics. Our Waste Engineers are ready to think about not only the most efficient way of waste collection, but also how we can minimize the time spent on this, while still achieving optimal results.   

Electronic waste or e-waste +-


Do you have electronic waste, so-called e-waste, that is released from depreciation or in the event of defects? Then you can contact Milgro to have these flows removed. Consider, for example, broken or old laptops, desktops, screens and keyboards. But also small electronic waste such as USB sticks and cartridges.  

Office furniture +-


Office chair broken? Or have you recently had your old desks replaced and do you have a leftover batch? You can also contact Milgro for those flows. Customers easily request these assignments via Milgro's online portal. Not a customer yet? Make an appointment to discuss the options.

Excess packaging material or outdated printing +-


Have you recently changed your logo or corporate identity and do you still have printed matter with the old design? Or do you own old or surplus packaging materials from partners? Then simply have it removed by Milgro. This way you can continue your rebranding smoothly and contribute to a smooth transition.

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Not only software, but also hardware for your waste

At Milgro, we not only think about smart software for optimal waste management, but also the associated hardware, such as containers and presses. Thus, we take into account the type of waste stream leaving your company as well as the amount of waste. After all, disposing of a well-filled container gives ecologically and economically positive results.

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Waste separation training for your teams

You may be doing so well with Milgro's digital solutions for smart waste management, but ultimately it is your employees who make it a success. Separating waste is people work and everyone can learn it. Through an (online) training Milgro shows how you can separate waste streams quickly and effectively.

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Innovations in waste collection

Are you striving for better separation of your waste? Milgro offers you access to several interesting technologies, such as container tracking. Using this innovation, the optimal route is determined and you save time and money. Curious?

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quotes van Milgro over afvalmanagement

"Milgro thinks with us and proactively comes up with optimizations. This delivers concrete results: Our residual waste has decreased by 60% and Milgro has found and implemented higher quality processing for several waste streams. Milgro also points us to opportunities to reduce waste. All this provides both ecological and economic benefits."

Joost Scheepers, HSE Manager at AkzoNobel

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Improve your waste management

Efficient waste management, flexibility, access to technological innovations and matching hardware and, as icing on the cake, training for your employees. You will be totally unburdened at Milgro. The result? A boost for your company in terms of ecology and economy. 

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