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Effective waste collection as part of smart waste management 

Milgro manages your waste streams. For example, with our innovative software and hardware, we know in no time whether your containers are conveniently positioned or efficiently filled. With data and trackers, we can make a huge difference for more efficient waste management and sustainable operations.
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Not only software, but also hardware for your waste

At Milgro, we not only think about smart software for optimal waste management, but also the associated hardware, such as containers and presses. Thus, we take into account the type of waste stream leaving your company as well as the amount of waste. After all, disposing of a well-filled container gives ecologically and economically positive results.

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Waste separation training for your teams

You may be doing so well with Milgro's digital solutions for smart waste management, but ultimately it is your employees who make it a success. Separating waste is people work and everyone can learn it. Through an (online) training Milgro shows how you can separate waste streams quickly and effectively.

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Innovations in waste collection

Are you striving for better separation of your waste? Milgro offers you access to several interesting technologies, such as container tracking. Using this innovation, the optimal route is determined and you save time and money. Curious?

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"Milgro thinks with us and proactively comes up with optimizations. This delivers concrete results: Our residual waste has decreased by 60% and Milgro has found and implemented higher quality processing for several waste streams. Milgro also points us to opportunities to reduce waste. All this provides both ecological and economic benefits."

Joost Scheepers, HSE Manager at AkzoNobel

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Improve your waste management

Efficient waste management, flexibility, access to technological innovations and matching hardware and, as icing on the cake, training for your employees. You will be totally unburdened at Milgro. The result? A boost for your company in terms of ecology and economy. 

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