A waste-free world in 2040

Making the world waste-free by 2040: that is our ambition. Milgro has over 30 years of experience in waste and raw material management. Our approach is proven, our methodology is unique and our technology is state of the art. Our team consists of experts who use craftsmanship and a ton of knowledge to help companies take sustainable steps. We are all extremely driven to accelerate the raw materials transition in such a way that we can close the cycles in the near future.

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Milgro in numbers

We can tell a lot about ourselves, but sometimes the numbers speak for themselves:

6 x FD gazellen and Top 250 groeibedrijven | Milgro

6 x FD gazellen and Top 250 groeibedrijven

120 + employees | Milgro

120 + employees

Active in the Benelux | Milgro

Active in the Benelux

Network of 500+ waste and recyclingpartners | Milgro

Network of 500+ waste and recyclingpartners

30 years of experience and an independent position | Milgro

30 years of experience and an independent position

30 years of existence and Laurens Groen

"I started Milgro in 1993 with the ambition to get more value from the raw materials that are used in companies' processes. We apply the extension of the lifespan of resources, in which the economy and ecology are in balance, every day in practice for both disposers and recipients."

Laurens Groen, Founder and CEO Milgro 

Our story

Want to contribute to great results?

Milgro is one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. To continue this strong development, we regularly have room for new, talented colleagues who make our team stronger. Our starting point is the power of diversity. Do you fit in with our organization and do you want to contribute to our unique proposition to realize profitable sustainability for our customers? View our vacancies.


The bee as a symbol

The bee is a supplier of ecosystem services and indispensable for growth & flowering. It stands for intelligence and connection and restores natural capital. Those characteristics suit Milgro. That is why we added the bee as a symbol to our logo in 2020. But our love for the bee goes further. For example, we support initiatives that create ideal living conditions for endangered bees. 

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 Our core values

The bee is our symbol. They are indispensable for growth and flowering and, like Milgro, also stand for connection. This concept is the first of the three core values ​​of our company: we want to connect, improve and amaze.

To connect | Milgro
To  improve | Milgro
To marvel | Milgro

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It all starts with making a connection

  To accelerate the resource transition and preserve our natural capital for the future, it is essential to integrate Natural Capital Management into every business operation. Together we ensure that precious raw materials no longer become waste and we close chains. How to start? Start Connecting!

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