A prosperous future in a cicular economy

Our planet, with all its resources, could be thought of as natural capital. From forest to subsoil, from mineral to metal and from sun to fossil energy sources, everything is equally precious. Milgro's mission is to manage natural capital so well that we can achieve a healthy balance. That way we do not deplete the earth and prevent precious resources from becoming waste.

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Urgency: there is no earth to waste

Earth Overshoot Day: the day we have already consumed the earth for the year falls a little earlier each year. To initiate the transition to a circular economy, it is important to learn to close the cycles of these natural capital flows. That way, every year we take just a little less in natural capital than the earth can provide. Together, let's move Earth Overshoot Day to December 31. Only then will we have succeeded.

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Making impact: earth & earn together

When we work together to close raw material chains and thereby accelerate the resource transition, we make measurable impact. This impact has a positive effect on your business results: both from an economic and ecological point of view. After all, Milgro strives in its collaborations to combine growth and prosperity. Want to know more about this profitable sustainability?

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Resource Transition

We are working toward a world in which we use raw materials again and again and preferably indefinitely. In this way we ensure that our natural capital does not end up as waste. If we close cycles, our natural capital can retain its value. Not only economically, but also ecologically. Because the fewer new raw materials we need, the better it is for nature.

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Measure impact

Understanding the use and consumption of your resources is the basis of our Natural Capital Management. With smart technology, advice, reports and dashboards, you have the overview of the impact you make in no time. Working with Milgro means making less and less impact on the earth.

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To accelerate a raw material transition and close material cycles, knowledge and knowledge sharing is needed. Cooperation is therefore very important to stimulate an inclusive economy within the chain. Milgro works closely with a number of partners to achieve these goals.


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The importance of Natural Capital Management

We have only one earth; there is no "planet B. We are well aware that if we want to preserve it for the future, we need to take big steps together. Milgro helps companies take steps by introducing NKM. Let's make sure together that our precious natural capital can no longer become waste from tomorrow.

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