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natural capital management

Milgro's mission is the integration of natural capital management into the business operations of organizations. With this integration, we accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy.

duurzame winstgevendheid

earth overshoot day

Each year, we use more resources than the earth can regenerate. This becomes visible on Earth Overshoot Day: this marks the date when we are 'in the red' with our demand for resources. By now, Earth Overshoot Day is in August – and each year we are living on credit even earlier (for the Netherlands as early as May). With the right approach we may make this trend turn out right, restoring Mother Earth's balance.



sustainable development goals

quotes van Milgro over afvalmanagement

I joined the Board of Partners of MVO Nederland (CSR) in 2019. Together with other front runners within the Board, I can contribute to the organization-wide goal of MVO Nederland to realize the transition to a sustainable economy by 2025.

Laurens Groen,
Member of the Board of Partners MVO Nederland and CEO of Milgro


The New Economy Index (NEx)

The 2021 NEx report shows that 14.1% of the Dutch economy is sustainable. The Dutch economy has become more sustainable by two percentage points in the past year. 20% is the NEx goal for 2025.


Milgro afvalstoffen verduurzamen tot grondstoffen


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