Sustainable Consultancy: tailor-made advice or a package?

By 2030, our resource use must be halved and by 2050, the economy in the Benelux will be fully circular. Naturally, you want to start working on sustainability within your company. Sustainable operations make a substantial contribution to the circular economy. It is better for the environment, saves costs and provides you with compliance for various (inter)national regulations. Milgro's experts can guide you step by step in this process.  
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Do you prefer a ready-made consultancy package? Then choose from one of the following options:


Anyone who wants to reduce and better streamline their waste first needs a clear overview of the current waste situation. The waste scan gives you a thorough analysis of all waste streams within your organisation. It provides insight into opportunities to save costs and increase sustainability.

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Waste Prevention Plan

For a sustainable, circular society, laws and regulations on waste are unavoidable. A waste prevention plan is necessary for the application for an environmental permit. In addition, such a plan is a good start for a more comprehensive waste management plan, thus contributing to the formation of a circular economy.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

As a company, you have a responsibility for sustainable and social entrepreneurship in a rapidly changing society. With the help of Milgro, create your own CSR strategy for waste and raw materials and integrate your social responsibility into your daily work and policies. This will enable you to more easily achieve your sustainable objectives and make demonstrable improvements. Moreover, this will surely give you an edge over your competitors.

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"Milgro's motivated and adequate account managers are well-informed about the situation at our sites and about developments in society and the market."

Ad Wirken – Procurement Manager at De RuwBouw Groep

Life cycle analysis

What is the environmental impact of your product or service? With a life cycle analysis (LCA), Milgro offers you insight into the environmental profile of your offering. By analysing the full life cycle, from raw material extraction to waste disposal, you make the impact visible on all parts of the life cycle. Moreover, you monitor that the impact does not shift to another part of the life cycle when you make improvements. With an LCA, it is also possible to gain insight into the most polluting step of the life cycle. This allows you to make targeted improvements.

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Material Flow Analysis (MFA)

Material flow analysis (MFA) is the tool for companies and governments to get a complete picture of material use and waste produced in a company, area or region. This analysis provides insight into your material use, allowing you to reduce waste and make your operations sustainable. Take the step towards a circular economy today.

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Zero Waste Workshop

Milgro celebrated its 30th anniversary with a Zero Waste Challenge. Because no matter how sustainable we are, it is always fun and refreshing to take on a challenge with the whole company. Our interactive Zero Waste Workshop also brings your employees together in making your organisation even more sustainable. Learn about waste management, the circular economy and the value of waste. How can you use materials more efficiently and reduce waste in the workplace? Using the Design Thinking method, together we look for concrete solutions for your location.

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Sustainable consultancy for your circular challenges

Do you also want to contribute to a more sustainable future and address your circular challenges? Whether it is about reducing waste and wastage, complying with laws and regulations, improving your environmental performance or achieving sustainable goals: we are happy to help.

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