How do you gain insight into your environmental performance? 

Environmental legislation is becoming increasingly comprehensive. The Hague and Brussels expect you to deliver sustainable performance on waste and raw materials. What about your environmental performance? Reports are expected from you, in which you include, for example, your CO2 emissions and waste performance and the choice of processing methods. Understanding this data is paramount.

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Understanding environmental performance is the start of a sustainable business

Save time with our online portal

Technology is the foundation of Milgro's way of working. Our online portal provides your employees, from shop floor to managers, with a tool to work more efficiently. This not only leads to sustainable operations, but also saves time and costs. With the online tool, you are in close contact with our experts, your employees can ask questions and you have access to your performance dashboards. So implement your sustainable waste and resource management ambitions easily.

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Milgro, afvalmanagement. Het managen van natuurlijk kapitaal biedt bedrijven volop kansen voor winstgevende duurzaamheid.

"The cooperation with Milgro ensures that we have clear insight into our waste streams and costs. For each individual site, we have customized reports that provide input for realistic and achievable improvements. This includes a good balance between the focus on developing sustainability / circularity aspects and economic feasibility."

Ad Wirken, Procurement Manager at De RuwBouw Groep


Insight into CO2 performance

Our certified CO2 reporting assures you of a solid understanding of the CO2 emissions released from the waste process. Our CO2 reports measure all parts of a product's life cycle. This is because we measure on the basis of the LCA methodology. This is how we work together towards a circular economy.

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Easily comply with European legislation

European environmental and sustainability legislation is becoming increasingly stringent. The CSRD asks you to demonstrate the sustainability risks and opportunities your company faces and the impact of your operations on people and the environment. Not an easy job. Or is it?

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Tips and tricks to better separate your waste

The better your company separates waste, the easier it is to reduce your carbon footprint. That's why Milgro reports on separation percentage, so that your waste streams can be offered ever purer. Our experts know the best tips and tricks to separate waste in the best possible way. You can take advantage of our onboarding, workshops and webinars so that all employees involved can do their part.

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To measure is to know

Measure, know and execute. Milgro takes you step by step to implement your ambitions in the field of sustainable waste and resource management. And with the results, you will also be well prepared for legislation and audits.

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