Totally unburdened: your waste management taken care of 24/7

Waste and resource management is a field where a lot of knowledge about waste streams, processing methods and legislation is needed in order to set up and manage this as well as possible. It is also important that your waste management complies with the sustainability requirements and KPIs. Al lot of organizations do not have this knowledge and expertise in-house. Milgro can arrange the entire waste management for you. Not only good for the earth, but also for your revenue.

Want to know more? We start our service with a baseline measurement: the waste scan.

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The benefits to you:


Focus on your own core business with Milgro's one stop shop


Improve your environmental performance and reduce your impact


Be prepared for and comply with laws and regulations


Save labor time and expenses


Develop a profitable and sustainable revenue model


Call on us 24/7: even in case of emergencies

kloosterboer | Milgro
quotes van Milgro over afvalmanagement

"We were looking for a partner that gave us control over our waste streams in order to take responsibility for our financial and sustainability performance ourselves. In Milgro we found a partner who directs the waste market on our behalf from a digital order system. We have full control over our performance through this insight. Moreover, we are relieved in the broadest sense in this area so that we can focus on our core activities."

Paul van Broekhoven, Manager Operations at Kloosterboer

Save money and time

With Milgro's waste management service you will get total relief in the field of sustainability and raw materials. Our innovative, digital systems ensure that everything can be arranged quickly and efficiently on the shop floor. Full container? Call it off at the push of a button. Specific question? Our experts are waiting for you. Financial overview? We offer one correct invoice for all your waste management. Insight into your environmental performance? Our dashboard gives you 24/7 insight and you can download the necessary reports in no time. This saves you a lot of time and money.

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CQSE consulting and audit guidance

Audits can be stressful times. With our dashboard, you always have access to connected data about your waste and resource management. Behind the data on our dashboards is also a real face. With the expertise and tips of your regular contact person, you need not worry about audits, but also about changing legislation. Moreover, we are broadly certified. If necessary, we act as a gatekeeper for our clients.


Benefits of digital waste management

By digitizing your waste process, you don't just save time. A balanced waste administration ensures operational efficiency. Our dashboard and associated reports are complete and always available online. With the insight from our dashboard, you can work with us to steer even better environmental performance for your organization.

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About our online portal

With our online portal, your workers and managers have a convenient tool in their hands. In addition to the ability to make online calls and service requests, our online portal also provides access to your performance dashboards.

The benefits:

  • Ordering at the touch of a button; wherever you are
  • Insight into economic and environmental performance. Share reports easily
  • Work via app, tablet or desktop in different languages
  • Contact our- service center quickly and easily.

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Isn't your waste management a focus area within your organization? We understand that all too well. It requires knowledge, time and expertise to handle waste and raw materials smartly and efficiently. Milgro offers total relief in the field of waste management with a complete digital service. So you do not have to worry about the operational handling. Steer with us on sustainable choices and improvements. Together we ensure an economically and ecologically positive result.

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