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A world without waste

Milgro aims to make the world waste-free by 2040. Many of our customers share this zero waste ambition. But how can we achieve this goal? To answer this question, we will work together for a week during the National Week Without Waste from 22 to 28 May. 

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Live blog

2023-05-26 10:05:00 Learnings day 4

Day four of our challenge. We are seeing promising results. For example, today we no longer see a single coffee cup in our trash. Our organic waste is fed entirely to the worms. And we also see a marked decrease in plastic. Point of focus during this Lab is the coffee grounds and paper towels from the toilets. Today we note the following improvement ideas:

  1. Placing a washable towel roll on the toilets prevents a lot of towel waste and the same hygiene standard. By the way, did you know that if you shake your hands well seven times after washing them, you will already have most of the water off your hands?
  2. We replace our individually packaged cubes for the dishwasher with powdered form
  3. We are replacing sugar sachets with lumps
  4. We no longer serve a napkin by default with appetizers or lunch. They are there, if needed, but no longer by default
  5. We ask our tea suppliers what the options are for loose tea (with tea infuser)
Learnings day 4 | #ZeroWasteChallenge Milgro

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We would like to invite you to think along with us! Do you have experience in creating a waste-free workplace or do you just have a good idea? Share it with us! If you like, we can also include your name.


Help us with your suggestion Are you familiar with a sustainable solution to one of these challenges?

Partners and sustainable innovations #ZeroWasteChallenge

Do you have a sustainable idea or an innovative solution for preventing a waste stream? Share your idea with us and we will present your company in our digital showcase, including a link to your website.

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Join the #ZeroWasteChallenge

Do you also want to make your company waste-free and thus contribute to a more sustainable future? Then join the #ZeroWasteChallenge. Together we take steps to make the world waste-free!

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Zero Waste Challenge The gamerules

To perform the Zero Waste challenge as well as possible, a number of rules have been drawn up. The rules of the game are as follows:

Check the contents of your recycle bins daily +-

At the end of each working day, you and your colleagues discuss whether you have managed to get through the day waste-free. The bins are checked daily for waste. Then it is discussed which lessons you can draw from the waste streams that have remained.

Immediately implement the lessons learned +-

After discussing the lessons, you immediately implement them for the next day. In this way you strive to reduce waste and act more sustainably at your office. By continuously learning and improving, you create a culture of sustainability and waste-free working.

Share your knowledge with others +-

We share this #ZeroWasteChallenge on social media and challenge others to join. In this way we strive for co-creation and learning and changing together. Together we can have a positive impact on reducing waste and acting more sustainably.

Pass the challenge on +-

After your week without waste, you pass on the challenge to another company, such as a relation or partner. Encourage them to join the #ZeroWasteChallenge and share their experiences. That way you can track their participation and share their experiences through your platform. Together we take steps towards a zero waste future.

Request a practical guide +-

As a participating company you can request a practical guide. In this guide you will find tips for creating a waste-free office. You can also request a zero waste workshop. This is how we support you in successfully participating in the #ZeroWasteChallenge.

Week without waste is an initiative of Milieu Centraal

From Monday 22 May to Sunday 28 May 2023, Milieu Centraal is organizing the Week without Waste in which we take on the challenge of throwing away as little waste as possible.


Impact through less residual waste

Does your organization also produce a large pile of residual waste every year? You can reduce this considerably by looking closely at purchasing, reusing as much as possible and separating valuable streams, which a (local) party can use to make new products.

Circlarity helps organizations to map everything. You will receive useful tips and tools with which you can tackle it yourself. And with our smart app you make the world a bit greener!

More about Circlarity

Tips to make your office waste-free

Reducing waste in the office is not only good for the environment, but also for the efficiency and cost savings of your company. There are plenty of simple and practical ways to reduce waste in the workplace. We share some useful tips for a zero-waste office so that you and your colleagues can work together towards a more sustainable and cleaner environment.

Use ceramic cups instead of disposable coffee cups +-

Avoid disposable cups and invest in a reusable ceramic coffee mug. This reduces the amount of waste generated by disposable cups. You can bring your own coffee mug to your workplace, so you always have a sustainable alternative at hand.

Avoid unnecessary printing +-

Use digital documents and files instead of printing them. If you do need to print something, make sure you adjust the printer settings to save paper and ink. Another option is to secure your document with a PIN code. You must enter this code on the printer in order to print it. This prevents unnecessary printing.

Give your furniture a second life +-

Turn your old furniture into new furniture. You can reuse, repair or modify your old furniture pieces to give them a fresh and unique look. This not only reduces waste, but it is also a sustainable and creative method that you can use.

Use a stapleless stapler +-

Consider using a stapleless stapler. This handy tool uses paper tabs instead of traditional staples to hold documents together. This reduces the use of metal staples and makes the paper easier to recycle. It's a simple step to making your office environment more environmentally friendly.


Join the #ZeroWasteChallenge

Do you also want to make your company waste-free and thus contribute to a more sustainable future? Then join the #ZeroWasteChallenge. Together we take steps to make the world waste-free!

Yes, challenge accepted! I have an idea