Natural Capital Management

How big is your company's carbon footprint? Usually we only see the tip of the iceberg when we want to measure impact. Milgro helps clients to gain insight into the impact of the entire life cycle of raw materials. This gives you a crystal clear picture of how sustainable you already work and where it can be improved.

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Impact through connectivity

What one person considers a residual stream is used as a resource by another. Milgro connects disposers and receivers of raw materials. With technical tools and a wealth of data, we can give you control over the use of raw materials and the creation of a waste improvement plan. In this way, together we create less and less waste and the streams that remain become purer and purer.

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Scarce resources

Raw materials are becoming scarcer and less and less available. This brings risks: for the earth, but also for the continuity of your business operations. It is therefore not only ecologically, but also economically smart to invest in Natural Capital Management. You get better insight into the consumption of raw materials, which you can use again and again and preferably infinitely. In this way, together we can prevent the earth from becoming exhausted. With Natural Capital Management, the resource transition is given a boost and we reduce the risks of finite resources.

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Urgency: there is no earth to waste

High emissions | Urgency: there is no earth to waste | Milgro

High emissions

Availability and increasing prices | Urgency: there is no earth to waste | Milgro

Availability and increasing prices

Dependency on finite resources | Urgency: there is no earth to waste | Milgro

Dependency on finite resources

Wastage of materials & future-proofing | Urgency: there is no earth to waste | Milgro

Wastage of materials & future-proofing

Objectives from the government | Urgency: there is no earth to waste | Milgro

Objectives from the government

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Not using NCM is no longer an option

Doing nothing is not an option. Together, we use too many resources. In the West alone, this is about 20,000 kilograms per person. This has a huge impact on the carrying capacity of our earth. We all have a responsibility to do something about it. Milgro and its partners are taking the lead in managing our natural capital. Together we ensure that valuable raw materials do not become waste.

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