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You have an impact on the earth. If you choose today to reduce your company's negative impact on the environment, you will make a positive impact. That impact is badly needed in a world where raw materials are scarce and environmental problems are big. Milgro is your impact partner in the resource transition. Together we have the responsibility to use our raw materials in such a way that they no longer become waste. On to a fully circular economy.

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How can you measure impact?

If you want to work on sustainability, measuring your impact is an important first step. Milgro deploys software, hardware and knowledge to gain insight into the impact on waste and raw materials. Because the way your company deals with natural capital has visible and invisible effects. With the results of the measurements, you not only gain insight into areas for improvement, but you can also use this information for compliance reports and sustainability goals. An important start towards a world without waste. How can you manage your natural capital more efficiently?

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How do you count invisible impact?

The total impact is not always visible. For example, how are raw materials transported? Do you include the CO2 emissions from transport movements? Milgro works with the LCA method: This is an internationally recognized way to measure the ecological impact of a product. All factors of the product life cycle are taken into account. This ensures you have a complete picture of your impact and you can work towards a circular business.

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quotes van Milgro over afvalmanagement

''By choosing Milgro and its digital approach, we spend much less time on waste-related processes. Reports also take much less time. Furthermore, the cooperation also ensures optimizations based on advice and with the support from Milgro.''

Martijn Schakelaar, Contractmanager at Yask Facility Management

Use data for your improvement plan

If you want to make a positive impact on the environment, it starts with data. At Milgro several experts work who can help you with this. With more insight you not only get a firm grip on your resource use, but you are also well prepared for new European legislation such as the CSRD and CSDD. A dashboard gives you a quick overview of the impact you are making and allows you to easily prepare reports. 
Wondering how you can improve in the field of a circular economy?

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Milgro looks ahead: growth and prosperity for company and the earth

Short-term thinking is passé. We prefer to look a few generations ahead. How do we carry the earth forward? And how can our business continue to prosper? You want to become more sustainable, but also make a profit. We understand that. That's why we talk about profitable sustainability. We help your business and the earth grow and prosper, so you can be proud of your contribution to a circular world.

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You and we have a responsibility to leave the earth better than we found it. To make a positive impact, it is important to first know what your current impact is. Milgro easily maps that out. We measure all effects of your resource use, including the invisible ones. This way you are well prepared.

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