Smart waste management: innovations make it easier for you

Do you also want a future-proof company? This is possible by dealing smartly with waste and raw materials. Whether it is software, hardware or advice: Milgro is leading the way with innovative products and services in the field of smart waste management. We work with you towards a circular world. Let's turn waste into value.

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Data is everything

Data is everything. And we're not exaggerating. The more you measure, the more you know about your waste and resource management. We use smart data and the knowledge of our experts to make the right optimizations with you.

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Saving costs with container tracking

With technical innovations, we ensure a waste-free world. How we do that? For example, by deploying our container tracker. We measure your entire waste logistics, so you know the perfect place for your containers (fewer movements means time savings) and how to fill the containers optimally. Efficient smart waste management, we call it. This reduces your costs through time savings and efficient walking routes. Your direct and indirect waste costs also decrease, because it allows you to separate waste even better.

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Milgro, afvalmanagement. Het managen van natuurlijk kapitaal biedt bedrijven volop kansen voor winstgevende duurzaamheid.

"Milgro quickly surprised us with a complete overview of ALL our waste streams. The customized cross-sections offer us in-depth insight into the structure of the costs and benefits of our waste streams. Milgro acts for us as a knowledge base that delves into our internal (waste) processes. They have proven to be able to deal sustainably and creatively with our special residual streams by reusing them directly in other sectors."

René Krootjes, Facility Coördinator at Huisman Equipment


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Milgro's innovative approach not only allows you to save costs. Our innovations in technology and data ensure efficiency and sustainability. Together we work towards a circular economy, where waste does not exist.

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