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Member of MVO Nederland

Milgro is a member of CSR Netherlands and represented in the Council of Partners. Together we promote an inclusive and 100% climate neutral economy, with equal rights for all. 



Our ambition is great. Milgro wants the world to be waste-free by 2040. We cannot do this alone. That is why we work together with numerous partners. Milgro believes in cooperation: by transferring knowledge and expertise, we can move faster towards a truly circular economy. Do you connect? 

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Rotterdam Makers District 

The Rotterdam Makers District (RDM) is known for a business climate that encourages cooperation between companies and knowledge and educational institutions. This results in many innovations in technology and sustainability. Milgro has an office at the innovation dock, on the RDM site.


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We are always looking for collaborations. Would you like more information about collaborating with Milgro? Then please fill out the form.

About the Sustainable Development Goals 

Milgro finds it very important to set measurable goals. For example, how do we get more value out of natural capital? That is where the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) help us tremendously. They are not only a source of inspiration, they also guide our circular ambitions and those of our clients. Want to know how we can support your organization? Download our roadmap.


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There is no earth to waste. The urgency is there: together we have to work to accelerate the necessary transition of raw materials. Working together with partners to stimulate innovation, transfer knowledge and expand the network to get the raw materials transition done. 

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