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27 February 2024


1 minuut

Renewed dashboard prepares Milgro clients for the CSRD reporting obligation

As of today, Milgro clients can use the updated dashboard. With this launch, improvements have been made in performance, we add filters that provide more accurate insight, we improve location comparison and the CSRD report can be directly downloaded and inserted into ESRS Chapter E5, section 5 on waste.

Insight into waste performance anytime, anywhere

This new release from Milgro fits perfectly with the services it offers to its relations in the Benelux. Organizations choose Milgro to, on the one hand, be unburdened in waste management and also to be assured of continuous optimizations for waste flows in the areas of euro, eco and service. Our clients will find the translation of these optimizations on the dashboard.

Extensive location comparison and filter option on characteristics 

With the dashboard, clients have almost real-time insight (delay of only days) and everywhere into the performance of the waste and raw materials process. This insight is shown from three perspectives. Firstly in the field of optimizations and performance indicators. Secondly, on results, expressed in weights and costs. Both can be analyzed per waste stream. And thirdly, on an ecological level with insight into the emissions released during the waste process. For relationships with multiple locations it is possible to compare locations. The filter option by location characteristic or business characteristic is extra useful.  


Ready for CSRD reporting in the field of waste 

It is also possible to download this data via the reports and use it for audits and reports, such as the CSRD. For some companies, this reporting obligation will come into effect as early as 2024 and a table with waste data must be specifically inserted in ESRS Chapter E5, Section 5. This report can now easily be exported from the dashboard.  


Incidental orders reporting and filter option 

Also new in this release is reporting with insight into all incidental orders. In addition, the new version of the dashboard offers the option to filter incidental orders from the figures. A handy option to include waste that is unexpectedly released, for example from a renovation or clean-up, or not to include it in the eco and euro performance. Although Milgro always provides the best economic and ecological processing of flows, even if they are incidental, we prevent the reports from being clouded by incidental data. 

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