20 April 2018


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Groen receives 1st copy of book 'Thinking like Elon Musk'

Laurens Groen, CEO Milgro, has received the first copy of the book 'Thinking as Elon Musk' from author Erwin Wijman. During the festive book presentation at Haystack publishers in Zaltbommel, Groen was thanked for his support and inspiration in writing the book.


Elon Musk is the Einstein of our time. Fans wear T-shirts with his photo, competitors no longer sleep when he launches a new idea. What can we learn from the founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla? Erwin Wijman and Jeanine Blaauw have been fascinated for years by the drive and visionary dreams of Elon Musk. They delved into his work and his life and make previously undiscovered connections between his technological ingenuity, personal motives and an extremely good sense of branding.

Do more good

Laurens Groen, CEO Milgro, has been inspired by the entrepreneurship of Elon Musk for years. After a visit to the Tesla factory in Fremont, he ordered a Tesla model S and thus became the first driver of this model in the Netherlands. The authors of the book and Groen have had several inspiring conversations about Musk's entrepreneurship. Wijman sees similarities: 'Laurens is focusing with Milgro, just like Elon Musk, on a major and important transition; a global raw materials transition. This does not happen 'overnight' and he understands that very well. With the same macro focus as Musk, he stays focused and knows where to go and where to go. Moreover, he looks at everything from the positive side. You should not focus on what is going bad, but on what is going well. You gotta do more good then everything will eventually go better. And that is a wonderful lesson for everyone. '

Four stars

In de Volkskrant's book review, the book 'Thinking as Elon Musk' receives four stars: 'Everyone is afraid of Musk, and for a reason. This is evident from the many small anecdotes in the booklet Thinking as Elon Musk by Erwin Wijman and Jeanine Blaauw, about the famous, acclaimed and hated boss of SpaceX, Tesla and a few more tech companies. Wijman and Blaauw look with a marketing eye at how Musk approaches things and that is worth reading and entertaining. The booklet draws heavily on Ashlee Vance's Musk biography, but is much better written. Musk exegetes won't read any news in it. But for your old father who now wants to know the details about this 'romantic revolutionary' annex troublemaker, it is a great gift in a pleasant price category. And then you also get the bound version.