12 May 2022


1 minuut

Milgro appoints Gijs Derks as managing director

Milgro has appointed Gijs Derks as managing director with effect from May 1st and he will join Milgro's team of directors. Derks has gained extensive experience as a director in both operational and commercial areas within Van Gansewinkel and later Renewi.

With this background, Derks, together with the Milgro operational team, will focus on making the Milgro organization more scalable. The assignment is to work together on optimal processes for the further development and growth of Milgro to achieve profitable sustainability. Milgro makes raw materials usage within Europe measurable, manageable and available through the use of our technology, unique approach and methodology. We strive for a healthy balance between Earth & Earn and with our technology and services we contribute to accelerating the circular economy.

“The unique position in the raw materials chain, but also Milgro's ambition as a connector, improver and marveler in the natural resources transition, is the reason for me to start as Managing Director on May 1st.”
Gijs Derks

“Milgro is in a transition phase to become even more scalable and to make a demonstrable ecological impact for all our partners in the coming years. With the arrival of Gijs, we have gained broad experience and expertise. We strive for the most effective transition possible in order to prepare our organization for the next growth phase as a data technology company for managing natural resources," Laurens Groen.