25 May 2023

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Week Without Waste: Results of day 3 and solutions for lunch packaging

During the Week Without Waste, we analyze the at our office every day. Yesterday the third waste lab took place, in which we paid attention to the amount of plastic. We saw that we had less plastic than the days before. This was largely because there were fewer employees in the office, so less waste was produced. However, as on Monday and Tuesday, we again found an amount of plastic among our residual waste. To address this problem, we came up with the following solutions during the waste lab.

Reusable lunch boxes

One of the most effective ways to reduce plastic lunch packaging is to switch to reusable lunch boxes. These lunch boxes are made of durable materials such as stainless steel, glass or silicone. They come in different sizes and designs to meet different needs. By using a reusable bread bin, you can bring your own lunch every day without relying on disposable packaging. It is a simple and sustainable solution.


Having lunch together

A third solution to reducing plastic lunch packaging is joint lunch shopping. Many packages end up in the trash because we often buy more food than we actually need. We will organize a joint lunch at our office once a quarter. Together with colleagues, we will make purchases and share food. By matching quantities more precisely to the needs of the group, we can reduce food waste.


Tips or ideas?

Do you have any tips or ideas for preventing waste streams? Let us know! We would like to hear what you are doing to reduce food waste or avoid packaging waste, for example. We will include your suggestions in our next blogs, in which we discuss solutions for various waste streams.