24 May 2023

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Week Without Waste: Results day 2 and solutions disposable coffee cups

During the Week Without Waste, we analyze the waste at our office on a daily basis. Yesterday the second waste lab took place, in which we paid attention to the amount of disposable coffee cups. To our surprise, we still saw a pile of coffee cups in the waste bins. This turned out to be the largest waste stream in the "smaller streams" category. To address this problem, we will encourage employees to use reusable mugs.

Use of reusable coffee cups

One of the most effective solutions for reducing disposable coffee cups is to use reusable coffee cups. These coffee cups are usually made of materials such as glass or ceramic. They are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and last a long time.



In our office, we encourage employees to use reusable mugs. Each employee has received a personal mug with his/her name on it. We offer visitors coffee in a ceramic cup and we give them a spoon instead of a wooden stirrer. By using a reusable mug, we reduce the amount of waste produced.


Tips or ideas?

Do you have any tips or ideas for preventing waste streams? Let us know! We would like to hear what you are doing to reduce food waste or avoid packaging waste, for example. We will include your suggestions in our next blogs, in which we discuss solutions for various waste streams.