27 May 2023

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Interview with colleague Lida: a special promotional gift

During the Week without Waste, our colleague Lida, executive secretary at Milgro, experienced something remarkable. She received a special package. Our colleague Elisa has reported on this.

Cold acquisition 

During the zero waste challenge, Lida was surprised, but not in a positive way, when she received a small package this week. One she didn't ask for. It turned out to be a form of cold acquisition. And coincidence does not exist, this happened in the week of our #zerowastechallenge! The package sent to her in the mail turned out to contain glittery confetti, candy and a card. For her unwanted mail. Especially during the Week without Waste.

Focus on zero waste

Now this week, all colleagues have a magnifying glass on the waste that we 'make' daily as a company. And Lida is no exception. It's good that we can really make it clear together what our daily waste is, through our Waste Lab sessions.

Making better choices is central to this, and especially how we prevent waste even better. Lida appreciates colleagues who perform a Waste Lab every day this week. Colleagues then dive into the waste of one day and provide insight into which waste is unavoidable. And, more importantly, they jointly discuss the options for preventing waste.


In practice, it is not easy to really contribute to the #zerowastechallenge. The consumer should be relieved of many concerns so that sustainable choices can easily be made without unnecessary and unsolicited packaging. There are many initiatives that help, but it is not very easy! The way in which we as consumers and as a company deal with waste and packaging really needs to change drastically.

Although in today's knowledge session Elisah Pals fully committed to an unconscious behavioral change of the consumer, you can also change behavior based on awareness. Making visible where we, humans, have lost the connection with the earth. 


Return package

Back to the glitter confetti package. Actually, the plan was to return this package to the sender. However, Lida felt slightly concerned about this, because then the postman would have to take the package on the road again. She came up with another solution and called the sender. He immediately suggested that he come and pick up the (unwanted) package again. Was this unsolicited acquisition successful after all?

Where are your habits that cause waste? Do you dare to break this one? Sign up #zerowastechallenge

Do you have any tips or ideas for preventing waste streams?

We would like to hear what you are doing to reduce food waste or avoid packaging waste, for example. We will include your suggestions in our next blogs, in which we discuss solutions for various waste streams. Let us know!