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Clarissa Leyting


17 June 2022

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A day in the life of... Clarissa Leyting: Employee Service Team Milgro

Ambitious professionals work at Milgro who work on our sustainable mission every day. What does it mean to work for a purpose organization? And how does this mission find its way into everyday life? We asked several colleagues to describe a day at Milgro.

Today it is Clarissa Leyting's turn. She is an Employee Service Team with her own customer portfolio and helps with custom questions and requests.

Start of the day

My alarm goes off and on a little after 7... before I get out of bed, I hit snooze one more time. I make sure my son and I are ready to go out, quickly to the daycare and to the office. Happy to be there!

Wednesday is my regular day at the office. I greet my colleagues and get them and myself a round of coffee and tea. A great opportunity for a chat and some fun, because starting a new job during a pandemic means I still have to get to know my colleagues well.


Shared customerportfolio

After the round of social talk I scan through the current affairs and emails. When I'm up, I call my colleague Mariska. We both work three days a week and share our customer portfolio; handy if one of us is not there and nice to go through the status of files together.

I round off the conversation with Mariska in order to be able to connect with the team's day start. A moment to discuss with all colleagues of the Service & Support team what the priorities of that day are, what the work stock looks like per person and where any bottlenecks are. What I like about working at Milgro and in my team is that people are always willing to help colleagues. In our day start this is always confirmed by dividing the amount of orders we receive daily; within our team, this amount varies greatly per day and per colleague.


Unburdening in the waste process

The red line in my work is speaking to our clients and unburdening them in the waste process at their locations by taking over their operational management. The reports, on the other hand, are very diverse and that makes the work fun and challenging every day. I start with a client who does not have the right resources on site to dispose of chemical waste. The disposal of chemical waste is subject to rules; as an example, batteries can only be collected in a container that can be closed tightly with a lid. Together with the customer, I look at which resources are needed and find out the costs from the collecting party.

In contact with recipients and disposers

The customer can continue and I will get to work with the next case. At one of our clients, the residual waste was not emptied the previous day. Very annoying of course! After some research I found out that emptying was not possible, because the container was not easily accessible for the driver. For the location in question, I ensure that emptying takes place in the short term and we make agreements about the accessibility of the containers on emptying days. Pleasant for both our client and the party that takes care of the emptying!


Guarantee continuity

You can also think of malfunctions with the messages I get. Today I have a cardboard press container that is out of order. In such cases, I will contact the relevant location, the supplier, among others, and we will ensure that a technician comes by the same day. During the day I continue to monitor the status of the repair, until the client can continue running his production.

A varied day that flew by again. On my way home I pick up my son who enthusiastically greets me with a big hug. And that is, without a doubt, a highlight of my day every time.

In addition to my work at Milgro, I study and have my own company, in which I give perfume workshops and develop private label perfumes. A busy life, but so far easy to combine. I have the ambition to dedicate myself even more to a more sustainable world after my studies; a drive that is nurtured by my family. The choice to start working at Milgro in addition to completing my studies was therefore a very conscious one.

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