Nida Sultan


14 November 2022

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A day in the life of...Nida Sultan: Senior Employee Datacenter Milgro

Ambitious professionals work at Milgro who work on our sustainable mission every day. What does it mean to work for a purpose organization? And how does this mission find its way into everyday life? We asked several colleagues to describe a day at Milgro.

Today it is Nida Sultan's turn. She is a Senior Employee Data Center and ensures the correct administrative structure. She is involved in drawing up sales invoices and providing reports. 

Working hybrid

Since the corona period I have been working hybrid: partly at home and partly at the office. Usually I am in the office for one or two days and the rest of the days I work from home. My working day often starts not far from my bed. The day usually starts with a day start with my lovely colleagues. The team consists of thirteen colleagues. The virtual meetings are slightly different than the physical day start, because you don't see each other in real life. Still, I enjoy talking to my colleagues every day. After working from home for a few days, I also enjoy going to the office again. Nice to see my colleagues in real life again.


Start of the day

I always open Outlook first, cause that is where all the magic happens. I am no longer shocked by the number of incoming emails. After all, we have a top team that is quick to deal with it. Still, we secretly hope not to encounter any IB's or incidental orders. IBs are implementation sheets and incidental orders are waste streams at our customers that we do not expect. If we do receive requests for activating ISs or entering incidental orders, we will work with our colleagues to find a suitable solution.

In addition to the mailbox, we also keep an eye on the internal actions. Dealing with this does not pass without detective work. But we always manage to do it, often independently and sometimes with the help of other departments. It's nice to see how each department contributes to solving a case..

The lunch club

Together with a group of colleagues from different departments, I can be found at the large table in the canteen during the lunch break. The conversations go in all directions, from superficial conversations like “Did you watch 'Boer zoekt vrouw' yesterday?” to deep conversations such as “How did man originate?”. There is no judging or laughing at the canteen table, but there is a lot of laughter. After months of only working from home, it's nice to have lunch together at the office again.


The invoicing of our disposers, as we call our clients, takes place around every 20th of the month. The Data Center department is then massively involved in achieving our KPI (key performance indicator). Somehow, working towards achieving the KPI entails a light pressure. However, it is also exciting and fun. The good thing is that as a Data Center employee you are not alone. You have a whole team you can lean on. And I am also proud to say that we achieve our KPI almost every month.


Is the day already over?

The day at the Data Center department passes quickly. This is partly because there is always something to do, but also because we work in a nice team. Every employee now knows how to set his/her priorities. This makes us feel at the end of the day that we have completed our important tasks for the day. The other tasks can be taken up the next working day or a colleague can take over.

As I turn off the lights in the work area and walk to the cafeteria with my empty cups, I am happy and content to have completed another fine, enjoyable day at work. On the way home I listen to extra loud hip-hop music to give my inner gangster some attention again.

Closing work during home working days looks different of course. In our group chat on Teams, colleagues wish each other a nice evening. I close my laptop and put it away. I know I won't need my laptop for the rest of the day, because tomorrow is another working day at Milgro.

Unique experience

I have been working at Milgro for four years now and I still enjoy it here. Milgro feels like a family where you are welcomed with open arms. Here you have the freedom to propose and implement improvements yourself. There is close cooperation, so that the team feeling is strongly present. The special thing about Milgro is that it is a self-learning company, which makes working at Milgro a unique experience. You have the feeling that you can directly contribute to the growth of the organization and the quality of the product.

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