26 March 2021


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Milgro in 2020: connect, improve and marvel

In a year full of dynamism, Milgro has achieved the best results in its 27 years of existence. Despite challenging circumstances, including the effects of the Covid pandemic, growth and improvement were achieved on all fronts compared to 2019, accelerating the trend of recent years. 

All financial parameters developed strongly in 2020. For example, based on provisional figures, turnover rose by 13%, gross margin increased by 15% and EBITDA was approximately 40% higher. Further improvement was also achieved in important operational parameters, such as customer satisfaction.  

In the field of technology and digitization, important projects were delivered, such as the migration to a new cloud infrastructure, which significantly improved scalability and flexibility. Milgro's positioning was also renewed, which became visible in the introduction of a new website and corporate identity. Special milestones in 2020 were the acquisition of a patent on the integrated activity system ('the Method of Recircling') and the appointment of the first commissioner in Milgro's history. 

Ruud Hageman, co-CEO of Milgro, summarizes the year concisely: “In a year in which the world was largely in lock-down, we had a strong internal focus. We used that time very well and worked hard on ourselves: on the team, the processes, structure, systems and communication. 

At the same time, Milgro has managed to maintain its growth path, although the growth rate was significantly slower than in previous years. We are nevertheless pleased with a number of leading new clients and are convinced that growth will accelerate again in the near future ”. 

Laurens Groen, founder and co-CEO of Milgro, is also positive about the results. “For me, 2020 is mainly about the power of connection. First of all with and within the team of colleagues. They have shown themselves to be extremely resilient and committed in a unique year and I am proud of our more than one hundred Milgro Bees. In addition, I would like to underline the collaboration with our more than 500 waste and recycling partners. Together with them, we have succeeded in guaranteeing the continuity of the collection, removal and processing of our clients' waste materials at all times. Given the many challenges in 2020, including Covid, that was a special achievement. We are grateful to our partners for this and look forward to jointly creating new perspectives in the transition to a circular economy ”.