22 May 2023


1 minuut

How do our ICT colleagues experience the zero waste challenge

Today is the first day of our challenge and to find out what is going on among our colleagues, we hold short interviews every day, so today with our ICT people. 

What were the biggest challenges you faced today to work waste-free?

At first no challenges were observed, because colleagues always take their bread with them in a reusable plastic container or lunch box. In addition, they use take-out containers that they reuse. But after thinking for a while, they soon found out that some waste was produced, such as sugar sachets and the wooden stirrer. And the question also arose, are those takeaway containers made to be used more often?

What do you do at home or in the office to reduce waste and what is most effective? 

“Quite a lot,” said one of my colleagues. For example, he uses washable diapers at home for his son and always takes bowls with him when he goes to the market, for example. He even asks the fishmonger to put his purchased herring in a reusable container instead of the well-known herring packaging. He was still looked at strangely about that. 

What else do you think we need to do to achieve a waste-free world?

According to the ICT colleagues, the challenge lies mainly in breaking habits. People often work in the way they are used to, and some actions in certain fields can create a lot of waste. By raising awareness and the willingness to change, we can adjust these habits and work towards a waste-free world.

Where are your habits that cause waste? Do you dare to break this one? Sign up #zerowastechallenge