11 April 2022

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Dutch Overshoot Day

Where as the Netherlands we are a frontrunner in the field of charging stations (highest density in Europe) and the number of solar panels (no less than 765 watts of solar power per capita), our position in the ranking for Overshoot Day is one that we can be less proud of. Tuesday 12 April 2022 is already Dutch Overshoot Day; the day on which, if everyone lived like us Dutch, we would consume as much of the earth as our planet can renew in one year. 

If everyone lived like us, we would need as much as 3.6 times the Earth. The list of all Overshoot Days, published by Earth Overshoot Day and the Global Footprint Network, shows that the Netherlands is among the first fifteen countries to achieve this date, along with the Czech Republic and Norway. The first on the list is Qatar and the last on the list is Jamaica. Our position is not only due to our densely populated landscape where there is little room for natural resources and our high consumption. The dependence on foreign countries for raw materials has also had an impact on the date due to current developments.




The Global Footprint Networkk, together with MVO Nederland, is organizing a webinar about Dutch Overshoot Day and calls attention to important themes such as the security of supply of raw materials by means of video interviews. For this, Piet Briët, manager of the Circular Economy Office at Milgro, gave insight into the importance of flexibility in completing the raw materials transition. And how the use of natural capital management ensures that circular principles, such as rethink and reuse, are integrated into business and production processes. Watch the whole video here:


HubSpot Video


Milgro's mission is to integrate natural capital management into organizations' business operations in order to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. We realize this mission by applying our proven technology, methodology and approach. The result is profitable sustainability: earth & earn together. And with that we move Earth Overshoot Day to a later date. 

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