do you want simplicity, efficiency, and insight in your waste management?

Do you lack sufficient information to manage waste streams and control your complete waste process? Digitization is the answer when you want to know the exact current situation of your company and wish to monitor and report by result.


sluitende rapportage afval

balanced reporting

regie afvalmanagement


continuiteit afvalmanagement




balanced administrative process

Our digital waste management system plays the key role in Milgro's approach. It has many benefits.

First of all, Milgro ensures a comprehensive process, from order to invoice and reporting. This safeguards a 100% correct and complete administration and reporting of your waste. For clients with multiple business locations, the uniformity this process guarantees, is an extra benefit

akzo-nobel-logoWe save lots of time in preparing reports and we are evidently heading towards a more sustainable processing of waste.

Ronald van Weerdenburg, HSE specialist,
Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes

digital audit trail

Our digital process management facilitates complying with legislation and regulations and ensures you are compliant with your internal HSEQ standards. A digital audit trail of each order is available. This way, you will not lose track of anything. Your waste management will be easier and more efficient. Requesting orders is easy, with our digital tools, including an online portal and mobile apps.



pros digital waste management

Like to know how a digital waste process can yield valuable data and insight? And how this makes your waste management easier and transparent?

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information on waste performance

The data from our digital waste management approach is a source of insight and overview. We use powerful Business Intelligence tools to create dashboards that support us in achieving ever-improving waste performance for your company. In addition, we enable you to provide the right reports for different stakeholders in your company. This saves time and you can ensure quality.



Flexibility is essential for a sustainable use of raw materials. Our natural resources rotary offers you the digital infrastructure for innovation (including improved valorization of residual waste streams and closed loops) and help achieve the natural resources transition.

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Milgro's method in short

  • process digitization
  • effective order system
  • balanced waste reporting
  • continuous improvement in performance
  • compliance

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