Optimizing your waste process and improving your footprint?

A smart logistics structure is the essence of an efficient waste management process. The design of an optimal collection and disposal structure, including accompanying collection means has long been one of Milgro's specialties. We yield quantifiable savings for our clients. Both on indirect costs of waste management as well as the direct waste costs. Reducing (manual) labor in the waste process and minimizing the number of logistic movements offer opportunities for significant cost reduction.


kostenbeheersing afvalmanagement

cost management

proces optimalisatie afvalmanagement

process optimization

duurzaamheid afvalmanagement


veiligheid afvalmanagement


understanding the waste process

Our logistic structures are designed to encourage efficient and safely sorted waste disposal. Flexibility is another important criterion. Our structure serves to enable the best waste performance - it should be adaptable to this end anytime.

inzicht proces
Analyzing the waste process reveals numerous opportunities for optimization

smart waste logistics

In the design of the best waste logistics the importance of technology and data increases. We use smart logarithms to establish the ideal dimensions of collection means, for instance. Using container tracking tools we determine the amount of (superfluous) labor in your current waste process and any possible savings. And optimum use of digital fill level sensors ensures collection at the right time, leaving you unburdened.slimme-afval-logistiek

optimized internal procedures

For flexible use of collection and compression means, we have a set of (press) equipment and other materials at our disposal. If necessary, we design customized solutions together with leading external partners. In large logistics or production environments specifically, we facilitate optimized internal procedures.

pros digital waste management

Like to know how a digital waste process can yield valuable data and insight? And how this makes your waste management easier and transparent?

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Milgro's method in short:

  • reduction of direct and indirect costs
  • optimized processes
  • labor-saving
  • improved sustainability
  • increased security


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