9 November 2020


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Milgro in top 25% in sustainability at supplier check DHL

Suppliers of DHL, including Milgro, are tested annually for social responsibility. The independent platform EcoVadis is used for this. A score is given on the basis of policy, actions and results in the field of sustainability. Milgro won a silver medal this year. Getting the silver medal means Milgro is in the top 25% of the industry. Milgro scores better than 89% of comparable companies on sustainability.

EcoVadis provides an assessment platform in the field of sustainability and is used for (worldwide) sustainable purchases. The company's mission is to deliver the world's most trusted sustainability ratings, enabling all companies to reduce risk, improve performance and improve environmental and social outcomes.

We are very happy to achieve this result, it shows us where we can improve and thus relieve the burden on the environment and increase a positive impact for our employees and society.