28 October 2020


1 minuut

Laurens Groen candidate Minister of the new economy

'Green is the new gold'. With this slogan, Laurens enters the election campaign for the post of Minister of the new economy. Laurens proves that this slogan is not an empty promise with the success of Milgro, the fast-growing cleantech company that is regarded as an accelerator of the circular economy. He started the company 27 years ago as a consultancy in waste issues. Today, Milgro provides companies with the technology, methodology and approach to profitably integrate natural capital management into their business operations. In doing so, Groen shows that economy and ecology can go hand in hand: Earth & Earn together.

“I am driven to inspire others from my experience and to guide the acceleration of the transition. As Minister of the new economy, I stand for offering the prospect of an economy that is more sustainable and more inclusive; in which connection based on common interest is above self-interest; and in which we work together on the basis of transparency, instead of closedness. Inspiring by connecting, improving and amazed, ”Laurens explains his candidacy for this initiative of MVO Nederland.

Support Laurens Groen in his election for the Minister of the new economy and vote for him from 1 December!

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