6 January 2020


1 minuut

bee. connected..!

Milgro continues to develop. Last year we were further transformed from a knowledge to a technology organization in the field of sustainable waste and raw materials management. After all, digitization enables the acceleration that is necessary to make and keep our economy sustainable profitable.

Central to this remains our mission to integrate the management of natural capital into the business operations of our clients. For example, the sustainable (circular) use and management of raw materials must become 'business as usual'. Just like for other forms of 'working capital', such as human capital.

We will also make our development more visible in our communication. The positioning and corporate identity are adjusted in our internal and external media and resources. Now, at the start of the new year, we are taking the first visible step in this process: Milgro Bee.

Maintain ecosystems

Milgro's role is that of a (digital) connector between disposers and recipients of used raw materials. This requires technology and a proven approach, as well as collaboration in the business chain. This will result, among other things, in a significant reduction in emissions from the use of raw materials and a higher availability of natural capital.

Against this background, the Milgro logo will be enriched from today with a new symbol: the bee. In other words: the Milgro Bee.

For a sustainable and healthy environment, 'the bee' is an indispensable link. The bee restores and maintains natural ecosystems and thus ensures growth and flowering. Three quarters of the crops have a higher yield when bees are present. The bee also stands for fertility, intelligence and cooperation. The abstract shapes of Milgro Bee's wings represent the connection of disposers and receivers - and of nature and technology.

You will see Milgro Bee more and more in the near future. bee. connected, for example by following us: