20 December 2022

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QR codes in Milgro's office

When visitors enter our office, the first thing they notice is the unique office design. Think of the MILGRO letters at the entrance of our building or our circular museum. If you look closely, QR codes are visible on these various items. What exactly is a QR code and why does Milgro use these codes? Tip of the veil: you may remember them when we used the CoronaCheck app en masse. But QR codes can be used more widely.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a square image consisting of black and white blocks. QR stands for Quick Response. You need a smartphone or tablet to scan a QR code. The camera of a mobile device takes a photo of the image. This code is then converted to a web address and the corresponding website is displayed on the device.


Difference QR code and barcode

The terms QR code and barcode are often used interchangeably. However, there is a difference between these two systems. A barcode is a barcode that stores information only in the horizontal direction. On the other hand, a QR code can store much more data, because both the vertical and horizontal directions contain information.

History QR code

The QR code was invented in 1994 by the Japanese Masahiro Hara. He did this while working for a Toyota subsidiary called Denso Wave. Denso is a company that produces car parts. The company was looking for an efficient way to track auto parts as they were produced. Initially, the QR code was only used in the automotive industry. Later on, the first telephones with a camera and internet appeared in Japan. From that moment on, the idea arose to also use the QR codes to open web pages.

Advantages QR code

Using a QR code has a number of advantages. The biggest advantage is that the user does not have to type in a long complicated internet address. So it is simple and easy to use. Moreover, information can easily be exchanged with (potential) customers by means of a QR code. These codes offer more than the ability to display text shapes. For example, scanning a code can link you to a photo or video.


Possibilities QR code

Most smartphones have a built-in QR scanner. Nowadays, this makes it possible to use QR codes for different purposes. For example, more and more companies are placing a QR code on the packaging of their products. As a result, information about the product and company is immediately accessible to consumers. In addition, QR codes are used, among other things, for payments, sharing contact details and viewing the menu in restaurants.

QR code & office Milgro

Milgro also uses QR codes. We place these codes on our collection means. By scanning this, the customer is redirected to the customer portal. They can call up an order in this portal. The QR codes can be found not only on our collection resources, but also in our office. The office environment consists of unique furniture and meeting rooms, such as a tire as a chair or a greenhouse as a meeting room. They are unique because they are made from residual materials. Some items have a QR code. When you scan this, you will be taken to the ''our office'' page on our website. Here you get more information about the item. In addition, all other items can be found on this page.

We like to use innovative techniques and are happy to show the office to our visitors, because the office furnishings reflect our vision 'waste is a raw material that has lost its way'. Not only visible live in the building, but also digitally on our website.

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