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22 April 2024

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Digital waste management? 9 benefits of our app and online portal

Is your company making the move to digitize waste management and are you looking for the perfect software and tools to make it happen? Are you aiming for simplicity and efficiency, with all relevant things centralized on one platform? From ordering a waste container to reporting damage? Are you looking for a system where you can find all essential information at a glance, from invoices to the weights of your waste streams? Our portal can provide the solution. Discover the 9 advantages of our portal.

1: Speed: saving time is saving money

You can use the Milgro portal or app 24 hours a day. Is there a malfunction or damage? Then report it directly online. Are full containers ready to be picked up? Then you can also make a call at any time of the day. Is an occasional order needed? Then process it directly via the portal. The relevant employees see that the order has been called. Your finance department also has insight into the costs incurred. Because you can call off orders quickly in the Milgro portal, you save time and money. 


2. Efficiency and collaboration

Collaboration has never been easier. The Milgro portal gives your employees insight, for example in calls, breakdowns and damages. This also gives you the opportunity to do analyses on this, so that you get a good picture of your internal operations.

3. Know what's going on

Thanks to the Milgro portal, you always know what is going on in your company at any time. You have easy access to important documents, such as the latest orders and invoices, which you can download at the push of a button. So double calls are definitely a thing of the past.


4. Traceability in processing, e.g., for audits and the CSRD

The Milgro dashboard provides an overview of your company's waste streams. You see clearly what happens to the waste streams and know exactly what the division between hazardous and non-hazardous waste is. This allows you to properly justify your processing methods during audits and for reports such as the CSRD. Does your company have multiple sites? Then compare all the data in our dashboard at the site level. 


5. Transparency; insight into all operational and environmental figures

Our portal allows you to easily track and analyze the cost of your waste streams. This gives you insight into operational figures, such as the weight per waste stream. But also ecological figures, such as CO2 emissions and processing methods. Monitoring costs and KPIs helps you achieve your business goals, as you gain insight into both ecological and economic performance.


6. Order-driven waste administration

Milgro conducts thorough invoice review to ensure that all transactions are processed accurately. Every order is checked against the invoice for aspects such as weight, cost and other relevant data. That way, you know your records are accurate. 
Receiving separate invoices for different waste streams and waste service providers can be confusing and time-consuming. That's why Milgro bundles all invoices into one clear period invoice. No more administrative hassle, just one clear overview of your complete waste management.


7. Compliant and CSRD proof

Are you using the Milgro portal? Then you always comply with the latest legislation, such as the European sustainability directive CSRD. In the dashboard, you can easily export reports for audits or reporting. For example, we have prepared a handy report for the CSRD that you can insert with the push of a button. With the Milgro portal, you are always well prepared.

8. Contact us quickly

Do you have questions or want to make a call-off immediately? The Milgro portal gives you the ability to contact us quickly, 24 hours a day! Would you like to speak to someone from Milgro? Within opening hours, you can use the portal to chat with our employees. Fast and easily accessible.

9. Continuous development

Milgro continues to continuously improve the portal. We listen to the feedback of our users. So we continue to develop continuously and regularly add new functionalities. For example, an emptying calendar is coming soon. We regularly implement updates that make it easier to use the portal. In addition, we ensure that you as a user always comply with the most current laws and regulations.


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