14 July 2022


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The Loft and Milgro Experience Centre

When visitors step into one of Milgro's offices, surprise can be read from their faces. After all, our offices are now no uniform, but a special representation of our vision. Our new office in the Loft is no exception.

The Loft on the RDM site

First of all, of course, there is the location. Because the Loft is located in the middle of the harbor on the Innovation Dock in the Rotterdam Makers District. An area where innovation is the norm and where companies and knowledge and educational institutions come together and collaborate. An inspiring place where the world, in the form of international sea-going vessels, literally passes by at your feet. It's easy to experience when you travel to the area with the electric water cab.


The Innovation Dock

In the Innovation Dock it is never quiet. The monumental industrial hall is bustling with activity. On the first floor you will find the Milgro Experience Centre. Here the visitor experiences what natural capital management entails and what impact it can have on an organization. Not to be missed is the antique weighing house, which stands for the conscience of our work. To measure is to know. And by collecting data, among other things, eco-performance can be measured. In this way, we continue to work on our mission to profitably integrate the management of natural capital into the business operations of companies.


Earthin the centre

Our office the Loft is at the top of the building and accessible by elevator or stairs. Not to be missed is the huge globe in the middle of the space. This more than man-sized model of the earth is the center of the Loft. Literally and figuratively. After all, the earth is what it's all about. Ecology and economy in balance that is our aim. Earth & earn together. Linking nicely to the view through the windows. With the inspiring port of Rotterdam as our daily view.


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We also make full use of end-of-use materials in our offices