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Daniëlle Verweij


7 May 2024

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A day in the life of Daniëlle Verweij: Account Manager Waste Market

Bij Milgro werken ambitieuze professionals die elke dag bezig zijn met onze duurzame missie. Wat betekent het om te werken voor een purpose organisatie? En hoe komt deze missie terug in de werkzaamheden van alledag? We vroegen verschillende collega’s een dag bij Milgro te omschrijven.

Today a look at the working day of Daniëlle Verweij. She is account manager at Milgro and manages relationships with partners in the waste and raw materials sector, which we call receivers. She is responsible for closing agreements and matching the right rates with receivers. A big part of her work is encouraging and gaining support from relationships for the transition of sustainable management of waste and raw materials.

I started working at Milgro almost 23 years ago. Back then I still thought, “Something to do with waste...”, which I - like many with me - associated with the garbage truck that came to pick up the garbage. Now I know that there is a very interesting world behind that garbage truck.  

Once I entered that world of waste, it didn't let go of me. After all, it is never boring; waste and circularity has been evolving all these years and that is why it continues to fascinate me. 

Within Milgro I have always had a position in which I am in close contact with the processors and collectors of waste. Since January 2023, I have been an account manager within the Waste Market Accounts department, specializing in recipients that process organic streams. I am responsible for maintaining good relationships with several of Milgro's receivers that I manage.

An early start

With a nice cup of coffee (from fresh beans!) I start my early morning workday in the office. I prepare my day and read newly received emails. Once I connect the dots in terms of preparation, most of my colleagues trickle in around 8:30. Sometimes we chat.  
What I like about my job is the variety of tasks. From administrative tasks to maintaining contact with clients. Colleagues know where to find me when they have questions, and it's great to be able to work together! 

Foto Daniëlle Verweij

Flexible, but preferably in the office

In my work, I am flexible. Today I work in the office, another day from home. I also regularly visit relations for a consultation or a recipient's processing site.  

I personally like to work in the office, preferably at the flex spots downstairs where it's a little quieter. For me, that works better. I enjoy seeing and talking to my colleagues. For a friendly chat when passing by, or for a question. A call via Teams is certainly a nice tool, but a live meeting is still my preference. 

No matter which colleague you meet, we all greet each other. During my lunch break, I slide into the cafeteria with other colleagues and we don't talk about work for a while. A welcome change. 


Milgro is located on the outskirts of Rotterdam. I use the drive back home - I live in The Hague - to unload from all the day's impressions. Looking back on the day, but also looking ahead to the coming working days. Proud to be a Milgro-bee contributing to our ambition to make the world waste-free by 2040.

Fun fact, as an employee of Milgro you belong to the bee family. Hence the term Milgro-bee. The connection this brings to our organization is part of the fine working atmosphere.

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