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Milgro is the technology organization for managing natural capital. We enable organizations to profitably integrate a sustainable use of natural resources into their business operations. In this way we accelerate 'the new normal' of a circular economy.

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Milgro is the connector between disposers and recipients of used resources. With our technology we provide the data infrastructure for the circular economy. Our methodology and approach enables companies to successfully implement the natural resources transition. The result is profitable sustainability: earn & earth together.


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Collaboration with Milgro saves us a lot of time in preparing reports and we are taking demonstrable steps towards the more sustainable processing of waste. A year since the start of our collaboration, Milgro scored an 8 for waste management in our internal audit. A whole point higher than in the previous audit. A result that we are proud of.

Ronald van Weerdenburg,
HSE specialist Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes


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