Our industries and their waste streams

Each sector has its own challenges in the field of waste and raw materials. Milgro works a lot with medium/large companies and multinationals and no company has the same requirements. In our nine focus sectors we can offer excellent customization with our expertise, experience and craftsmanship. Curious about what we can do for your sector?

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The construction industry faces strict regulations regarding nitrogen and CO2 emissions. As a one-stop shop, we relieve companies of all their worries, even for complicated waste streams. This ensures continuity and efficiency.



Safety and compliance is paramount in the chemical industry. Our extensive knowledge of waste streams and legislation allows us to be of great value in this sector. 



Distribution is a rapidly growing key sector in which we see opportunities in properly organizing both the outbound and inbound journey. Milgro offers systems that increase time efficiency. This is why many companies in this sector choose us.



The Energy sector is inextricably linked to the energy and resource transition. Milgro can help this sector move forward by getting a grip on scarce resources. In addition, our digital approach provides insight, transparency and conclusive administration for multiple project locations.



Our experience in this sector teaches us that continuity is a factor of great importance. Milgro's one stop shop service fits this perfectly. In addition, Milgro's approach focused on the value retention of raw materials offers this sector many opportunities for profitable sustainability.



Being totally unburdened means that you save time and can focus more on your core business. Milgro offers this, among other things, by being a single point of contact for all waste streams and waste-related matters.



As a market leader in the Dutch mobility and automotive sector, we see the added value of our service on a daily basis. Whether it is increasing efficiency, or improved insight through Milgro's digital tools.



Our data-driven approach, years of experience in the food industry and sector-specific benchmarking, is driving positive environmental and economic results for many companies in the sector. Industry leaders gain insight to manage their waste streams and get more value from their raw materials.



This sector, which often requires working under high pressure and with limited space, rightly sets high safety and hygiene requirements for service providers. Because of our expertise on waste streams, compliance and legislation, many healthcare organizations see the added value of Milgro. Also because sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in policies around procurement.

Milgro, afvalmanagement. Het managen van natuurlijk kapitaal biedt bedrijven volop kansen voor winstgevende duurzaamheid.

''Milgro quickly surprised us with a complete overview of all our waste streams. The customized cross-sections offer us in-depth insight into the structure of the costs and benefits of our waste streams. Milgro acts for us as a knowledge base that delves into our internal (waste) processes. They have proven to be able to deal sustainably and creatively with our special residual streams by reusing them directly in other sectors.''

René Krootjes, Facility Coördinator at Huisman Equipment


Expertise on specific waste streams

Knowledge grows with age. With our thirty years of experience, we can confidently say that we have the knowledge for our focus sectors. Not only to comply with applicable legislation, but also to make a difference in the field of sustainability. With our help, you choose the best optimizations for your waste process and preserve the value of your raw materials. If you choose Milgro, you choose ecological and economic efficiency.


Milgro also offers service for occasional orders and incidents 

A leak, damage or emergency? An unexpected flow beyond your service? What next? Even for incidental flows or flows arising from damage, Milgro offers options for the most sustainable processing possible. We intervene quickly and often know how to limit the damage to people, environment and reputation in a very short period of time. And of course we solve your calamities for you.

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Grow with us and become a leader in the resource transition

We are going for a waste-free world in 2040. With over thirty years of experience in raw material transition in nine sectors, we can advise and relieve you in the field of waste and raw materials. Do you want your company to become a green frontrunner? Contact us today.

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