27 July 2021


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Our different view on waste visible in the Milgro office

Passers-by regularly peek through the windows of our building. New mail deliverers are amazed. And we always give visitors a tour before we take a seat in one of our special meeting rooms. Our special office has its origins in the vision that Milgro wants to propagate. And this vision can be found everywhere in the building.

Lifespan of raw materials

Milgro has been committed to extending the life of raw materials for nearly three decades. In the current linear economy, waste is released that can only enter a new phase of life to a limited extent. These avoidable waste flows can be made transparent and manageable with Milgro's technology, methodology and approach.

Unavoidable waste

In the linear economy we also find unavoidable flows: waste whose prevention requires a different product design and is now virtually impossible. These waste streams are called end-of-life products. From Milgro's perspective on waste, our office is equipped with end-of-life materials that have been refunctionalized.

Milgro's vision

By giving materials a new function, we extend the lifespan of these raw materials. This fits in seamlessly with Milgro's vision: 'waste is a raw material that has lost its way'. By using end-of-use materials for our office furnishings, our working environment is not only a reflection of Milgro's vision, but also an inspiring workplace.

Natural capital in our office

In our office on the Pittsburghstraat, the two stair columns are the heart of our office. They take employee and visitor along in the difference between two types of raw materials. 

The biosphere

For example, we visualize the natural capital by means of the biosphere in one stairwell. This stands for the natural resources that the earth produces, such as forest, minerals and metals. Renewable energy sources such as wind, water and sun are also included.

The technosphere

The other stairwell visualizes a technosphere, the unnatural raw materials contained in the earth. Think of fossil fuels, plastics and metals. Where the biosphere is an inexhaustible source, the raw materials from the technosphere are limited and not easy to recreate. Preservation is important, before the meter moves towards the E of empty.

By connecting these two columns to the ceiling as main pillars, the foundation has been laid for the Milgro office.

Utilizing end-of-life products

In addition to the stairwells, Milgro's office has a range of materials that are seen as end-of-life within the current functionality and are now given a new lease of life with a different functionality.

For example, Milgro works together with Refunc to produce new objects from a used windmill blade, discarded skis, and solar panels that are no longer used, which can be used in our office. All these special objects can be found on this page about our office

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