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Milgro is the connector between disposers and recipients of used resources. With our technology, methodology and our proven approach we move forward to a sustained profitable economy.

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The bee is our signature

Bees are providers of ecosystem services and are vital to growth & bloom. It symbolizes intelligence and connection and restoration of natural capital - features that characterize Milgro. That's why we added the bee as symbol to our logo in 2020. But our love for the bee doesn't stop there, we support initiatives aiming at improving the endangered bee's living conditions.

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Milgro today

100+ employees | Milgro today | Milgro

100+ employees

16 countries | Milgro today | Milgro

16 countries

30-40% growth per year  | Milgro today | Milgro

30-40% growth per year

solid portfolio | Milgro today | Milgro

solid portfolio

laurens groen milgro | Milgro
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I founded Milgro in 1993, aspiring to gain more value from the natural resources used in business processes. Extending the lifespan of raw materials while balancing economy and ecology is our common practice on the part of disposers and recipients.

Laurens Groen,
Founder and CEO Milgro


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