Webinar: CSRD, How to start? | Watch our on demand webinar


Webinar: CSRD, how to start?

Efficiently navigate the CSRD timeline and get started immediately with practical tools.

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As you may be aware, the CSRD represents a significant shift in corporate reporting requirements within the European Union, emphasizing the importance of transparency and sustainability in business practices. To assist professionals like yourself in navigating this evolving landscape, we've developed an on-demand webinar specifically focused on the challenges of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). With our specialized knowledge in waste management, we will take an in-depth look at all chapters, but zoom in on chapter E5 (waste and resources). In addition, you will receive practical tools and tips for addressing all CSRD topics. 

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Webinar: CSRD, how to start

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We are very excited about the starter kit. It has saved us a lot of time in the initial phase of the CSRD journey. Without this tool, we would have had to develop a method and documentation and a calculation tool ourselves, which is a time-consuming task and requires careful study of the ESRS. The formats are practical and come with clear instructions, allowing us to now have a well-documented double materiality analysis.

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Topics covered:

Need for the CSRD | Topics covered: | Milgro

Need for the CSRD

How to start? | Topics covered: | Milgro

How to start?

In depth: waste | Topics covered: | Milgro

In depth: waste

Tools and tips for all topics | Topics covered: | Milgro

Tools and tips for all topics

Timeline: when to start? | Topics covered: | Milgro

Timeline: when to start?

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