Want to make the most of your opportunities for sustainable use of natural resources?

Business opportunities can be created by incorporating the management of natural capital in your business operations. With maximum ecological and economic impact.


inzicht  afvalmanagement


verlengen levensduur grondstoffen

extending lifespan

duurzaamheid afvalmanagement


keten samenwerking afval

chain collaboration

organizing the outbound and inbound logistics

The integration of natural capital management in the business operations of companies is Milgro's mission.
As a result, a sustainable, careful handling of natural resources is business as usual, comparable to how companies deal with other types of (rare) resources, such as human and financial capital. Natural capital management will then have developed into an autonomous profession within organizations and circular principles will have been integrated in business processes and products. From product design to the inbound logistics and reuse of natural resources.

huisman-vierkant Milgro has proven they focus on sustainability when handling our special residual streams by reusing these streams directly in other sectors.

René Krootjes - Facility Coordinator
Huisman Equipment 

Merging ‘earth’ and ‘earn’

Milgro supports and facilitates new professionals in performing well. We support sustainable resources management employing our technology, methodology and approach. We provide tomorrow's resources managers with the knowledge they need to merge ‘earth’ and ‘earn’.





Flexibility is essential for a sustainable use of raw materials. Our natural resources rotaries offer you the digital infrastructure for innovation (including improved valorization of residual waste streams and closed loops) and help achieve the natural resources transition

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Milgro's method in short:

  • support and facilitation of resources managers
  • provision technology, methodology and approach
  • innovation
  • chain collaboration
  • sustainable profitability


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