a clear roadmap of the transition to sustainability

When developing towards a sustainable, circular economy, there are plenty of profitable opportunities to make the use of natural resources more sustainable. Milgro has both the methodology and the approach to make the most of these opportunities for you and with you.






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sustainable goals

The transition from sustainable waste management to natural resources management takes shapes in various programs. The central focus is aimed at extending the lifespan of natural resources, rather than optimum recycling. Only then will sustainability in the use of natural resources be possible - a prerequisite for achieving a circular economy. With minimum emissions and maximum value retention.


We have customized reports for each individual site that provide input for realistic and achievable improvements.


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Material cycles creation, types of industrial symbiosis, higher-quality valorization (recycling) of unavoidable waste streams and transitions of primary raw materials usage are examples of transition programs.



pros digital waste management

Like to know how a digital waste process can yield valuable data and insight? And how this makes your waste management easier and transparent?

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customized transition programs

The exact content of a program is directly related to the sector you operate in and the specific functionalities (forms) of raw materials in your business operations. For production companies the functionalities will be different than those for supply chain or maintenance companies, for example. The functionalities determine the appropriate route and approach of sustainability - and its ecological impact.



Flexibility is essential for a sustainable use of raw materials. Our natural resources rotary offers you the digital infrastructure for innovation (including improved valorization of residual waste streams and closed loops) and help achieve the natural resources transition.

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Milgro's method in short:

  • complete process information
  • continuous optimizations
  • real-time monitoring
  • sustainability
  • chain control


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