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Milgro is the (digital) connector between disposers and recipients of used natural resources. Nowadays we join forces with over 500 recipients in Europe. This involves nearly all renowned (international) waste companies as well as a large number of smaller and medium-sized recycling specialists. We like to partner with them, based on the intent of joint value creation and sustainable profitability.



The transition to a circular economy can be expedited by the implementation of technology and data. Digital cooperation processes can facilitate and efficiently speed up the transfer and process of information. As a result, quality improves, and operational costs drop. Milgro provides applications that have proven their worth in the collaboration with recipients.

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Benefits of digital waste management

Do you want to know how a digital waste process can provide data and insight? And how this facilitates and organizes your clients' waste management?



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To connect disposers and recipients of used raw materials, we employ unique technology. Try to visualize it as a digital resources' rotary, with numerous entries and exits. With this, we offer a flexible infrastructure for innovation - organizing closed loops, for instance. After all, in a circular economy, the inbound journey is organized as well, not just the outbound journey!

Merijn Rijnsburger, Waste Engineer Milgro